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    • Solução Avançada (en)

      Advanced Solution EDIT VALUE®

      Integrated service of accounting and tax consultancy. It includes a permanent monitoring in the management of the company, allowing their CEO and managers greater security and speed in the decision-making process.
      It concerns an outsourcing model, supported by the development of consultancy and accounting and tax advice, namelly; delivery of all tax returns, banking reconciliations, control of property by individual sheets, preparing the Annual Report and File Tax; remuneration processing and managers board, online access of documents through the "Customer Area"; delivery of quarterly reports to support management, financial reporting.
      Through this solution we intend to give an integrated and excellent answer, which goes far beyond a simple compliance of tax obligations.
    • Solução Personalizada (en)

      Complete Solution EDIT VALUE®

      Accounting and tax consultancy tailored to the organization-customer. The entire work is developed by the consultant in the customer company, which requires a complete adaptation of the model behavior to organizational culture.
      It results from an insourcing of administrative and financial procedures, which allows internalize Know-how in own organization, reducing operating costs. This includes a Benchmarking study for assessing (in a cross to work) the positioning of the company, in order to implement complementary interventions of consultancy.
      As well as in EDIT VALUE® Advanced Solution, we can find a monitoring and support to business management, through tax and accounting consultancy, structured and developed in line with the strategy and requirements of the customer.
    • Solução Completa (en)

      Custom Solution EDIT VALUE®

      Solution designed according to customer's specific needs. Measure service. It requires the blocking of efforts to ensure compliance with contracted specifications. The development of any project of this nature involves the customer as co-producer of the service. We are dealing with services such as - Business Plans; Benchmarking, economic and financial viability studies; Investment Projects, Marketing Plans, among others.
      Unlike the others, both customers, of Advanced or Complete Solution, play a shared risk philosophy in any application made according to a Custom Solution.
  2. Áreas de atuação

    • Gestao-financeira
      Nome Financial management
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      Tax and Accounting Consulting, Fiscal Assessorship, Feasibility studies, Recovery of Companies, Analysis of Industrial Costs, Reports of Management.

    • Gestao-financeira
      Nome Strategical management
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      Benchmarking, Plans of Marketing, Plans of Communication, Strategical Studies of Market, Plans, Human Resource Management, Communication, Internationalization.

    • Gestao-financeira
      Nome Entrepreneurship
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      Consulting for the Creation of Companies, Plan business-oriented

    • Gestao-financeira
      Nome Programs of Support and Incentive
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      H2020, Portugal 2020, Trade Invest, PAECPE, Professional Periods of training, Support to the Act of contract.