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    • 28-03-2011
      SME Excellence

      The Portuguese Ministry of Economy distinguished EDIT VALUE® with the SME Leader award. This recognition is only to companies whose performance levels and risk profile positioned them as economy boosters in several business sectors. EDIT VALUE® was distinguished as SME Leader in 2009 and 2010. In 2010 the company was also recognized as SME Excellence, recognizing the top economic and financial indicators and the strategy of sustained growth and competitive leadership.

    • The CV Tube is an international R&D project that aims to develop an online tool that seeks to facilitate an approximation as employment opportunities and as applications of young people.

      This innovative project in the field of human resources has a two years duration and involves seven partners (among which is EDIT VALUE®) from four countries.

      More information about CVTube in www.project.cvtuber.eu.

    • Learn2work is an european project which intends to create a bridge between the industry working opportunities and non-formal educational paths that can support youngsters to get in contact with footwear industry careers,in order to work towards the appealing and attractiveness of this sector and consider it as a career option.

      To achieve this goal, EDIT VALUE® (as project leader) with the other six project partners are adapting the “Production Schools” model from Denmark to can apply it in Portugal, Italy and Spain.

      Visit the project website at: www.learn2work.eu.